Project Description

30% saving on its operating costs in the energy trading business using blockchain

Our customer is a company dedicated to provide services for all stages of renewable energy and infrastructure projects, including development, engineering, construction and operation. In 2017, they signed an agreement with the Wholesale Electricity Market Management Company (CAMMESA) for the trading of energy amongst countries.

The sales agreement was implemented through weekly “packages” of energy, produced by the 73 MW of power distributed in 8 wind farms. The spirit of the agreement sought to optimize the profitability of the wind farms operated through an alternative to the sale of energy to the domestic market. Therefore, if the energy price of the spot market had a higher value than initially offered by CAMMESA, the energy was turned over in the local market. Otherwise, the energy was exported.

We developed a blockchain based system that allowed the energy trading company to automatically decide between internal sales or energy exports, improving the flow of information between the parties in real time to optimize trading decision making.

Blockchain automation and registration allowed the company to save 30% of its operating costs related energy trading.

Onfore  automates processes that are performed manually for the prediction in the purchase and sale of various commodities. The application created with Power Ledgers has applicability for energy trading optimization, beyond the market in which it operates

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