Review: OnFore as part of the ABIDA project

Last year OnFore founder Julia Lehmann participated in an expert workshop concerning the issue “data based business models and processes in German medium-sized enterprises” at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

ABIDA – Assessing BIg DAta

What is ABIDA?

A multidisciplinary research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which is scheduled for a period of four years and divided into two project parts.

The expert team:

What is the aim of ABIDA?

ABIDA treats the big data topic  from a fundamentally interdisciplinary perspective. The project aims to generate new knowledge based on data and make this knowledge widely accessible. The  goal of the project is the development of new action options for politics, research and development concerning the handling with big data.

What are the working steps?

After organizing working groups, symposiums and citizen conferences, the team received a full overview of the social effects and developments of Big Data in the first part of the project. In the second part of the project, the topic was to develop and to examine pointed positions, to gain additional business know-how and furthermore to derive recommendation for action.

What was the role of OnFore at the expert workshop?

At the expert workshop “data based business models and processes in German medium-sized enterprises”, which was part of the second project half,  OnFore presented examples of successful data projects and showed digital solutions. Julia Lehmann showed how available data can be capitalized with new usage possibilities, such as AI based recommendation systems that  can drive conversions and improve customer experience at the same time. Further examples showed how the chatbot platform ROBO.AI uses its NLU engine to match user intents with the appropriate answers coming from  external systems such as CRM, BI or ERP which saves support costs through automation. Other cases included predicitve and prescriptive maintenance based on machine data or lead scoring. OnFore has proven success in the development and implementation of data based business models and processes.

The full report of the expert workshop can be downloaded here: